Revitalization and growth of traditional handicraft.
Through the previous editions of Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival, craft artisans, and craft wokers have a valuable chance to display their talents, as well as have been added an impetus to design, and develop new hand-made products. By this way, the traditional handicraft has been reinvigorated, and popularly marketed to visitors, both inbound and outbound.
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Through the previous editions of Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival, craft artisans, and craft wokers have a valuable chance to display their talents, as well as have been added an impetus to design, and develop new hand-made products. By this way, the traditional handicraft has been reinvigorated, and popularly marketed to visitors, both inbound and outbound.

It has been estimated that more than 300 artisans from 63 handicraft business establishments, and traditional handicraft villages registrating this 8th edition festival in 2019 in Thua Thien Hue Province.

A new opportunity for traditional handicraft villages.

Having participated in the Traditional Handicraft Festival since 2013, Than Van Huy-the talented artisan from Thanh Tien Paper Flower Handicraft Village has focused on what the most important feeling when he has joined in this festival for so many years is the revitalization and growth of the traditional handicraft villages widely across Thua Thien Hue Province. From the limited domestic consumption in Hue and other neighboring cities, the paper flower handicraft of his hometown- Thanh Tien village has their business driven by the export-led economy, which has been direcly associated with international consumption markets such as the U.S.A, Japan, and South Korea. In July, 2018, Than Van Huy has his great hornor to be invited to the traditional handicraft gallery, and demonstration in Shanghai Municipality, China, and has tried to seek for entering into commercial contracts after the gallery.


The well-known artisan- Than Van Huy is instructing the visitors how to make paper flowers.

It can be that the most critical timing of the Hue Traditional Handicraft Festivals has fallen in 2015. Although the previous editions of festival had received great concern of both the local authorities, and goverments, as well as the public, until 2015, the Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival truly made an impression by helping Zèng Embroidery in A Luoi Mountainous District to be introduced, and marketed successfully to both domestic, and overseas visitors, and it is two years later that Zèng Embroidery of Ta Oi Ethnic Minority has been recognized as the national cultural intangible heritage. Inspired by its aesthetic beauty, one of the Vietnamese leading fashion designer-Minh Hanh has dedicated herself so hard to integrate Zèng Embroidery into her fashion products, and by this way, this unique embroidery of the remote highland of A Luoi has its fame reach out of the national boundary, being present in Japan, and French.    

Zèng Embroidery of A Luoi Mountainous District

Besides, for other hand-made business entities such as Bao La Bamboo and Rattan Weaving Cocoperative, this traditional handicraft festival has effectively created precious trading opportunities for the local craft business like them to introduce their products to the large domestic megacities such as Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City or the international markets such as Japan, and China. “Upon the arrival of Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival, we have mobilized skillful labor force of above one hundred workers to prepare for the craft gallery, and display. Although the festival has only lasted a few days, our revenue has increased greatly, and many products have sold out quickly.” Vo Van Ninh-Director of Bao La Cooperative said.    

The success of this festival is not only restricted within the brand marketing, and promotion, it has also created a platform where talented artisans are able to showcase their skills and creative handmade work of art. The uniqueness, and essence of traditional craft is represented visibly. Many newly distinctive tourism products have been formulated through the festivals, in which Tinh Tam Kim Co Fine Jewellery, and Museum of Nguyen Dynasty Commissioned Porcelains are two most prominent cultural and tourist signature outputs, attracting thousands of visitors.  

The Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival has brought about social and cultural impacts in preserving traditional values, and honoring the talented craft artisans. Furthermore, the craft works of art has also been popularized internationally. If Zèng Embroidery was displayed on the fashion show in Japan after the 3rd edition of festival, the Hue Kite has taken its turn of joining in the Kite Festival in France, and recently, the artistic wood carving products, enamel works, and the traditional long dress ao dai have been demonstrated in the gallery in Cheongju, South Korea.    

Before the Gold

During three months prior to the Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival, local craft business have kept busy constantly running their commercial operation, manufacturing the craft products to meer their customers’ demand, as well as working hard to formulate the new designs, and formats to participate in the festival, which is so contributing to the diversity for the festival. For instance, more than 100 craft artisans, and members of the Bao La Bamboo and Rattan Weaving Cocoperative in Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien District have been mobilized in order to highly focus on coming with the new idea for their product design, and increasing their productivity to satisfy the requirements for exports from China and Taiwan, as well as the domestic purchasers in the interior and exterior decoration. The Bao La Cooperative has made a big effort to prepare thoroughly for the festival in 2019. They have carefully selected, and bought high-quality material, and integrated into new ingredients for manufacture. As a result, there are up to 100 new items with different layout, and pattern beautifully created from bamboo decorative lighting, tea tray, rattan baskets with different size, and shapes such as oval, rectangular, and cylinder. In the end of 2018, Bao La Bamboo and Rattan Weaving Cooperative has invested in the new technology by adopting the laser lighting, which enables to etch or engrave various iconic landscapes of Hue, or the popular spots of beauty in Vietnam on the craft products. By this way, brand name, and trademark can be imprinted so that it will help to identify, and distinguish the products.          

Thai Hung Limited Liability Company, located on Chi Lang Street, Hue City, is a porcelain enamel manufacturer, having run its busy business during this time. After having participated in the seven editions of the Hue Traditional Handicraft Festival, the company believes that the most outstanding outcome is the business opportunity opened to them.  They are possible to enter into commercial contract, and market their products internationally. Do Huu Triet, Director of Thai Hung Company, has said that the company has been recently equipped with the advanced technology, which aims to create new goods such as statute of Buddha, ritual items, wall lights, and decorative pictures. Furthermore, there are about ten adept, and excellent craft artisans having been invited to carry our research, and development for mass production  This necessary preparation is the initial step to join in the festival.  

In the beginning of 2019, Tran Duy Mong, a well-known goldsmith, has also made a meticulous research, and tried various creative composition with different models. For instance, plate is laminated with the landscape of Thien Mu Pagoda or the Imperial City which are prominent beautiful sites in Hue City. The necklace is imprinted with the Fu who is one of the Sanxing- the gods of the three stars and the three qualities of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou). The Vietnamese national flower-lotus or the symbol of double happiness of Dragon and Phoenix is cleverly marked on the neck bangle.

A new sample will be displayed in the Hue Traditional Han