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  • Promoting Hue tourism at Hanatour Fair in Korea
    On June 7, Korea Hanatour Fair 2019 (Hanatour International Travel Show 2019) was hold in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This is the first time that Hue tourism sector joins in introducing and promoting destinations in the fair.
  • Hue will regularly organize festivals for tourism
    For the first time, "Hue Kite Festival" is independently organized, not associated with Hue Festival or Hue Traditional Craft Festival. The Department of Tourism - the organization unit – affirmed that this festival will become an event regularly held to serve tourists.
  • "I pay tax to Hue with my heart"
    He looks on Hue as his second home, vows to make further efforts to promote friendship, cooperation in the hope that Hue will not only thrive in economy but also preserve the values of human cultural heritage.
  • Beautiful Lăng Cô Bay
    There is no doubt about the value and the praising that people have for Lăng Cô. But during the festival season, I happened to recall the story about King Khải Định. It is like a highlight, a beautiful melody enhancing the charm of Lăng Cô. I want to do again what King Khải Định and his men did nearly 100 years ago...

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